Saturday, March 15, 2014


We had a busy October, over fall break we went with my family up to Island Park. Yellowstone was closed so we spent a lot of time relaxing. We went on a hike one day and went to waterfall another day. Brad went fishing and even took Ryker one day. Ryker has now caught more fish then I have. He loves spending time with his dad doing what he loves. Sophie loved playing with Cindy's girls. Ryker loved playing with Parker and Beckett just loved playing with everyone. The next week Brad said good bye to atask, it was a great job but we needed something new and more money. We decided to celebrate his late birthday/ new job in Vegas. We went down with Mike and Lindsay with no kids. It was great! We stayed at the five star hotel Trump Towers, it was so nice! There was no casino and the lobby smelled so fresh. We had rooms on the same floor, they we really nice. It had a jetted bath tub and the mirror had a tv in it so you could watch tv while you took a bath. The elevators were really fast and I got slightly sick riding them. The pool was amazing, they had bed chairs to sit in and staff to bring you water and towels. It was nice to sit by the pool and read without having to worry about kids drowning. We ate at a lot of yummy places and shopped. It was a really fun trip. Brad started his new job at Money Desktop when we got make from Vegas. His first week there they sent us a nice gift basket. I think this will be a good company to work for. I am excited to see what happens. I love having him home at a decent time at night. Ryker started Itty Bitty Football. Owen was on his team again which was fun to watch. Brad and I went to the Imagine Dragons concert. It was really fun. We went with The Eastmons and the Petersons. It was probably one of my favorite concerts. They did a really good job.


For the 4th of July we went down to my parents to have a BBQ and do some fireworks. I love getting together with my family.
The twins turned 2 on the 11th. We had an "ocean" party. Amy was nice enough to let us use her pool. It was was raining but that didn't stop us from having fun and swimming. I made "sand"wiches", "sea shell salad", sea weeds, and crunchy kale. I had a fun time making a shark watermelon and the beach cupcakes. It was a lot of work but it was really fun. Beckett got his lawn mower which he was really excited about and Sophie got a baby and stroller.
On the 17th I went in for back surgery, I was really scared. Brad came with me and we had to wait for awhile. The doctored liked to have his patients there early just in case he finished early. Once the took me back and away from Brad I got really scared, it was hard to relax. All went well with the surgery, the pain was really bad after and they had to give me a morphine shot. My stats kept dropping so I had to stay on oxygen for a long time. They also had my IV up really high so I kept having to get up to go to the bathroom. I had to have help getting up and my night nurses were men. I am pretty sure I flashed them my bum a couple times on accident. After getting up like 4 times in two hours to go pee they finally turned down my IV. The next day I was really hungry but they wouldn't let me have solid food, it really sucked. I got to leave later that afternoon. The drive home was terrible, we had to stop at my parents on the way home so I could lay down, I could only sit for 15 minutes every hour. The next few weeks were really hard. My mom had to come and watch the kids while Brad went to work. I would have to get up and walk down the street a few times a day, each time I would go a little bit further. My mom was amazing coming everyday and taking care of me, my house and mt kids. I have no idea what I would have done without her. My ward was really nice and brought us dinners every night for 3 weeks. I felt so blessed to be a part of such an amazing ward.I had a lot of visitors from my ward and friends, which was great cause it got really boring laying in bed for 3 weeks. I didn't feel like the surgery helped, I was in more pain after the surgery than I was before. Ryker did Itty Bitty Soccer, it was fun to go and watch him play. He had his friend form our ward Owen on his team. He and Owen are good buddies and I am glad he had someone to play with.


We spent some time in Park City for Thanksgiving